Glazing is my least favorite part of making pottery. And the most frustrating. And the most intriguing. Every kiln firing is a chemistry experiment. Different glaze ingredients mixing and reacting and who knows what. All the variables of clay bodies, and temperatures, and thickness, and compatibility, and astral signs, and moon phases. I understand why some people just want to study glazing and nothing else. Just when I think I can predict what a glaze is going to do, it does something to surprise me. I finally broke down this week and made a bunch of test tiles. I really need to organize a system. We have quite a few glazes that I forget about using, and even forget what they look like. And mixing glazes? That is really daunting. I think what I need is to take some courses from Sue McLeod. Yep.

these 2 mugs were both glazed in Copper Red – JUST Copper Red, nothing more. Blue one is one dip, red one is 2 dips.

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