Busy Busy

I have been working away, trying to make enough stock for the upcoming AgandArt Tour. I signed up for Lancaster, Chester, and York east counties. The first weekend is May 28th and 29th, but I still don’t know what farm we are assigned to! It’s very frustrating since some farms are only open on Saturday, so it’s hard to gauge how much stuff I need. So I am just making pots. And more pots. Christi had to bring over another 5 tiered shelf for it all. Which also means I need to really beef up my website offerings as well….

So the first weekend went well. Craig Farm was a good fit for us, and I sold a decent amount on Saturday. The little vases were a big hit. But now I know I have enough stuff already made. Exhale. Now on to York Co, then Richland Co, and Chester Co.

It’s nice to be busy, but I feel like I’ve just been in production mode lately. I miss just playing with the clay, not worrying about whether it’s going to be a finished product or not. My skills have stagnated. Time to think of things to try and fail at, and fail, and hopefully succeed!

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