Is It Spring Yet?

I’ve been plugging along this winter, trying to stay motivated. I hate to be cold… But anyway, we have had multiple setbacks with the kiln. My little kiln, bless her heart, keeps trying to die on me. Doug has put in new elements, new bricks, and 2 new switches. Every time we replace something, it works for one firing and then doesn’t. It would heat up, but never would get to a decent temperature. But now, after replacing the second switch, it has worked for 2 firings IN A ROW! So, I am crossing my fingers that it will work for a third time.

I have signed up to participate in the Ag/Art Tour again this year. And I must have felt cocky about the kiln, because I signed up for 3 weekends. What was I thinking? I don’t have enough pots for 3 weekends! So it’s time to get busy and make stuff!

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